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Why did we start Ripple Entertainment?

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Why did we start Ripple Entertainment?

In 2006 the media tastemakers were niche blogs whose influence far outweighed their scale. The ad networks went crazy and the blogger land grab was in full force. Cut to 2012 and YouTube personalities ascend to the throne of influencer du jour generating engagement that was previously unheard of. The MCN”s popped up like mushrooms in the night and the personality net was cast wide with tens of thousands of channels going to each network. Meanwhile, media companies and broadcasters scramble to grow revenue and relevance through investment and acquisition as their audiences fragment.

The persistent theme throughout these and previous cycles of media is influence. As barriers to entry (i.e. production and distribution) have been decimated the deluge of content requires  an even greater level of influence and identity for anything to stand out. This is why we formed Ripple. We believe a media brand can be both a network and an influencer – a platform and a personality.

For us, success is measured by how effectively we build loyal audiences around these media brands through original, video programming. After a lot of hard work filled with both success and failures, we’ve gotten pretty good at it. Most importantly, unlike many of the content shopping malls on the web that tout billions of monthly views, we program for and with our audiences not to or at them. This is a critical difference in an era when scale is a commodity.  Our audiences know exactly what our media brands stand for and they look to them for new content every week. We pay attention to everything our audiences do and say in real time to make sure our brands are continuously aligned with actual demand. The results are a new kind of media and a new kind of media company.

Jason Ziemianski
Chief Revenue Officer
Ripple Entertainment