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The Impending Failure of Facebook Watch – Why Facebook Should Acquire Roku

One thing that has been proven is that top-down programming of original content into a social platform is hard and, most likely, impossible. That is not to say that programming into a social platform is impossible, only top-down programming is impossible (i.e. programming that comes from FB vs publishers native to the platform). Shit, even programming into a pure video platform is hard (see YouTube Red, Vimeo, Daily Motion et al). Since time immemorial, the main component working against these platforms is their user's behavior. Users do not go to FB, Snapchat or Twitter to consume long-form, produced content (i.e. over 10 min) unless it is the only option (i.e. bed, toilet or waiting in line). This is why FB will never be able to successfully...


We're extremely excited to have launched our second scripted series on SNARLED, Wacko Smacko, created by the talented Mary Neely. Mary embodies what it means to be SNARLY as she made this entire thing happen both behind and in front of the camera. We're sorry, but anyone who has ever tried to make a single short let alone an eight episode series knows it's fucking hard enough to make something shitty let alone something that's actually good. Mary not only made it happen with a massive cast, multiple locations and as the lead actor but she turned out a show that looks amazing, is goddam hysterical and has a message. We can't say enough about how proud we are to be partnered with Mary and...


YouTube Should Help YouTube Companies Build YouTube Businesses

7 years and $300 Million Dollars later, the majority of the YouTube Original Channels have closed their doors or found soft landings at bigger media companies. It is now abundantly clear that giving money to TV folks and celebrities was an unwise move. It doesn't mean those people weren't talented and creative it just means they weren't a fit for YouTube. During this whole process the narrative, delivered annually by Robert Kyncl, swerved from guardrail to guardrail with an academic approach that seemed disconnected from what was happening on the ground. Unfortunately, similar tactics seem to continue today. The basic theme from YouTube seems to violate the cardinal rule of YouTube which is you can't make someone into something they're not. Being authentic is at the...

Media Brands & Publishers Must Find Their Influence Or Die

History continues to repeat itself. In The mid-2000's the influencer du jour was the indie blogger. Ad networks threw stupid CPM guarantees at them to build scale and exit. Cut forward almost a decade and most of those bloggers are gone or have become another obscure cog in a display network. YouTubers have risen to take their place. This time it was MCN's that threw CPM guarantees at some of them, gave others a commission-less place in their network or just made promises they couldn't keep. Consolidation occurred and we see many of those MCN's struggling to find their footing as middlemen between advertisers and creators or pure service providers to media companies. YouTubers have now been joined by an even wider range of influencers...

Drawing Lin-Manuel Miranda, Hamilton Musical // Rad Portraits with Beth Be Rad #10 | Snarled |

For Beth's first male illustration, she chose acclaimed actor and play-write Lin-Manuel Miranda. Most recently, Miranda has been celebrated for his Broadway musical Hamilton. The musical is about the life of Alexander Hamilton, one of America's found fathers. Subscribe to Snarled for more Beth Be Rad and other videos made by the dopest ladies of the internet: If you have any suggestions on who Beth should draw next please leave a comment below! Also check out our other super cool series! Love Me Tinder: Beth Be Rad: Pep Talk: Ethnically Ambiguous: Ask Us, We're Drunk: Gush: What Makes Us Snarl: Yell You Better: See more from Beth:


Ghostbusters Proton Pack Test // Field Test #1 | FXated |

Welcome to Fxated Field Test, where we test out effects from big Hollywood movies and video games and other cool stuff! In our first Field Test, we try out proton pack vfx from the movie Ghostbusters, starring Melissa McCarthy. Though we may not have any ghosts to bust, special guest Tybee from Interrobang shows us now to bust a hater! Subscribe to FXated for more Field Test and new VFX videos every week: Also check out our other super rad Fxated Series! Van the Man Super Horse Miscellaneous Debris Sneaky Shorts Andrew's Games Check out Interrobang here: Fxated -- Where genius meets stupid...